About San Kong
San Kong Noodle Factory was founded in 1989 by Mr.Y.H.LAU. It is a professional food processing company focusing on producing noodles which is also the first Chinese noodle factory in the Netherlands.
Food is the essential part of human life and San Kong has been continuously producing healthy food. All the products are produced according to international standard as well as in line with EU Health Regulations. In addition, San Kong insists on choosing natural ingredients without pigments to produce all ranges of noodles.

The production method is combined with both traditional and modern way so as to guarantee the quality of the products. Furthermore, latest technologies are also put in use into packaging and logistics.

The main products of San Kong Noodle Factory include: fresh pastry such as fried wonton pastry, wonton pastry, siu mai pastry and Chinese dumpling sheets. Fresh noodles include products like wantan noodles, Japanese ramen and soba noodles. Chinese noodles such as wok noodles; egg noodles; pre-steam fine noodles, and so on. All the products of San Kong not only contain traditional taste but new products are also being developed for customers after researching on popular public preference of taste.

After nearly 20 years’ hard working, San Kong Noodle Factory successfully created well-known brands such as “Master Lau” and offers high quality products with competitive prices.